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My name is Arthur. I am a PhD student in mathematics, at the Geometry & Dynamics research station of Heidelberg university — under the supervision of JPr. Agustin Moreno.

I am working on topics in symplectic geometry, Floer homology, and dynamics, in view of the three-body problem. Before that, I did my Bachelor’s and Master’s at Imperial College London.

Other interests I have include space exploration, quantum information, or ecology.


Talk: Moduli space of fast finite energy planes

Talk given as part of the workshop Pseudoholomorphic Curves in Hamiltonian Dynamics, organized in February-March 2023 in Heidelberg by Johanna Bimmerman, Levin Maier, and Richard Siefring. The talks follows Chapter 15 of The Restricted Three-Body Problem and Holomorphic Curves by Urs Frauenfelder and Otto van Koert, and aims to prove that the moduli space of…

Master’s thesis: Smith theory

Abstract: The goal of this project is to study the action of groups of the form G = (Z/pZ)^n on compact spaces; where p is a prime number. In particular, the main result will be the inequality in singular cohomology: where X^G denotes the fixed point set of the group action of G on X.…